Dr. John Olmsted, DDS



  • Dr. Olmsted received his DDS from the University of Iowa in 1975 and was awarded OKU
  • Earned his MS from the University of North Carolina in 1977


  • Has been active in practice, teaching, lecturing, and professional dental organizations for the past 45 years
  • Part-time Clinical Professor in Endodontics at the University of North Carolina and the University of Iowa
  • Certified by the American Board of Endodontics and obtained his Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry in 1984, Fellowship in the International College of Dentists in 1989, Fellowship in the Pierre Fauchard Academy in 1993, and Fellowship in the American College of Dentists in 1995
  • Has presented over 570 days of lectures, seminars, workshops in 48 states and 62 international destinations at multiple dental schools, state, regional and national dental meetings
  • Past-President for American Association of Endodontists, the High Point Dental Society, the Guilford County Dental Society, the Dental Foundation of North Carolina, the Tar Heel Endodontic Association and the Southern Endodontic Study Group
  • Vice-President of the North Carolina Dental Society,16th District Regent for International College of Dentists,  International President of the Student Clinician's of the American Dental Association

Favorite Komet USA Product

Dr. Olmsted enjoys being able to utilize and share the cutting edge technology of new Komet rotary and reciprocation instrumentation and the new obturation techniques. "Komet USA representatives are most knowledgeable and attentive to clinical support of dentists, endodontists, and educators to help all of us provide excellent and efficient care for our patients."

Dr. Olmsted's favorite product is the new Procodile file because it is one of the most flexible, safe, and efficient endodontic instruments. The new design of variably-tapered nickel titanium core with double-S cross-section and a larger chip space, all contribute to these three qualities. The Procodile files are Dr. Olmsted’s favorite Komet USA product. 
The future of dentistry, and of endodontics, is expected to be more innovative driven with multiple choices of new technology. Artificial intelligence for collaboration to help with diagnosis and differentiation of oral facial pain; new anesthetic and sedation techniques; three-dimensional guiding of access and location of canals; cutting edge rotary and reciprocation Procodile instruments; negative apical pressure irrigation of canals; gutta percha and improved bio-ceramic sealer for better obturation; continual improvements with coronal restorations for endodontic treated teeth; all contribute to the excellent and compassionate care for our patients. The future of the profession dentistry is extremely bright.

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