Dr. Alan Atlas, DMD

General Dentistry


  • Dr. Atlas earned his DMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine


  • Head of a private practice in Philadelphia where he and his team provide esthetic and comprehensive restorative dentistry
  • Clinical Professor in the Department of Preventive and Restorative Sciences at the Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
  • Co-Director of the Endodontic-Restorative Microscopy and Technology Clinic, where he instructs on precision restorative dentistry using the dental microscope and digital technologies
  • Serves on the editorial board of several journals
  • Internationally recognized lecturer that focuses on applying scientific-based protocols to general and advanced clinical dentistry

Favorite Komet USA Product

In practicing restorative and adhesive dentistry, Dr. Atlas turns to numerous Komet instruments on a regular basis, and he has worked with the company to create sequenced, step-by- step kits to facilitate a variety of techniques. He selects configurations for direct-composite preparations and finishing, which he describes as the backbone of many practices. Dr. Atlas recognizes that preparation is critical to achieving an optimal outcome, and he emphasizes the necessity of using high-quality, predictably precise instruments to ensure success.

To achieve unmatched precision in margins, Dr. Atlas favors Komet USA’s sonic finishing handpiece and tips. He notes the importance of high-quality chairside and lab kits, particularly considering the growth of CAD-CAM ceramic restorations.

The future of Dentistry

I designed these kits because CAD-CAM restorations are becoming a significant part of our practice, so precision becomes even more important. With the CAD-CAM, preparation is key to success. If you do not have a good prep, the outcomes can fail: you cannot get a good scan or good milling if the preparation is not perfect. I design kits to sequence the preparation so the end results are optimal.

Dr. Alan Atlas's Kits

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