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LD2253 Bioclear Kit

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LD2253 Bioclear Kit

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LD2253 Bioclear Kit
Product description:
Dr. David Clark's Bioclear Method Kit
Dr. Clark has developed the Bioclear Matrix System that promises a real advancement for placement of biologically appropriate, esthetically pleasing direct composite restorations for treating minimally invasive Class II preparations, diastema closure, and black triangle elimination combined with papilla regeneration, and traditional anterior composites. He has been granted several US patents.

Komet USA and Bioclear have partnered to create a customized Bioclear kit. The kit provides dental burs needed to complete the Bioclear method in an efficient and safe way.

The kit contains the following Komet burs:
H379Q.018 – Extra-fine Occlusal Q-finisher carbide
6862.014 – Medium grit feathered edge crown prep diamond
6856.018 – Medium grit tapered chamfer diamond
8833.031 – Margin/occlusal cone finishing diamond
8862.014 – Fine grit feathered edge finishing diamond
FSD3F.008 - Fine grit facial surface trimming diamond
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