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Product name9525UF.RA.085 pack unit 5
For useWorking on Fillings
Size D:085 1/10 mm
Length L:8.0 mm
max. rotational frequency15000
Opt. rotational frequency6000
Package unit:5
Product description:
One-step composite polisher interspersed with diamond grit - Use in combination with Q-Finishers - Use with spray coolant - We recommend kit 4546
Application: Working on Fillings

Polishers | Composite
One-step, high-shine polish of optimally finished surfaces.

The yellow polishers incorporate ultrafine-grit diamond particles to efficiently provide a high-shine polish following the thorough finishing of restoration surfaces. They also feature a special silicone bond that provides outstanding flexibility and conformation to tooth anatomy.
Constructed of high-quality, heat-tolerant materials, the polishers can be safely sterilized in an autoclave, and they resist degradation and deformation.

Together with our proven Q-Finishers® these polishers achieve a high-shine polish in just one step.

  • Very flexible due to a special silicone bond
  • The use of heat-tolerant materials makes them suitable for sterilization in the autoclave
  • Color-coding (white ring for ultra-fine) in line with diamond grit to avoid confusion


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