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Product name4684.FGSL pack unit 1
For useOral Surgery
Package unit:1
Product description:
Developed in close cooperation with Dr. Martin Dürholt, the egg and flame shaped tungsten carbide instruments made by Komet are indicated for intraoral work on titanium during the surgical treatment of peri-implantitis.
Application: Oral Surgery
The instruments facilitate the gentle removal of contaminated micro and macro surface structures of titanium implants.  They are equally suited for work on hard-to-access areas even in cases of firmly anchored restorations.

Depending on the accessibility of the implant and the implant neck / shoulder, the operator can choose between egg (H379 / H379UF) or flame (H48L / H48LUF) shaped instruments.  Both instruments are available with normal toothing (red ring) or ultra-fine toothing (white ring).

Intended for use in the red contra-angle, the instruments are preferably guided around the implant in a counter-clockwise direction.  This is to reduce the risk of the instrument drifting during the treatment and to guarantee excellent control at all times.

Recommendations for use:

- The instruments are intended for rotary use with very low contact pressure (<2N).  Keep instrument moving continuously and cool sufficiently with sterile cooling liquid.
- The optimum speed of these instruments is 40,000 rpm in a red contra-angle.
- Do not use the instruments for leverage.

Dr. Martin Dürholt