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Komet USA News


Komet USA’s Shorter Opener Facilitates Endo Access in Hard-to-Reach Situations

March 15, 2017, Rock Hill, S.C.—Suitable for use in difficult-to-reach situations in the molar area, Komet USA’s OP10L15.RA.030 Opener is engineered with a shorter, 15-mm length to quickly enlarge canal entrances with a single file.

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Innovative Komet USA System Debuts to Help Dentists Perform Interproximal Enamel Reductions Better, Faster, Easier

DISCstance™ IPR System is designed for use on adults scheduled to receive braces but for whom orthodontia is not advised until certain tooth and jaw anomalies are corrected

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Komet USA Extends Deep Purple™ Product Line

Rock Hill, S.C., August 7, 2017: Komet USA, a leading provider of specialized dental
instruments and accessories, is extending its Deep Purple™ product line to include two
new diamond burs. The new instruments will be available August 7, 2017.

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New Crown Cutter Joins ZR™ Line

Rock Hill, S.C., April 21, 2017—Komet USA is proud to introduce the 4ZRS Jackie™ crown cutter, which addresses the challenge of removing adhesive-bonded, all-ceramic crowns. Optimized for use on zirconia and other high-strength ceramic materials, the Jackie crown remover (4ZRS.FG.016) is uniquely engineered to slit crowns and bridges to simplify final fracture and removal with a hand instrument. With a length of 4 mm and a tapered working end, the cutter is ideally suited for creating lingual, occlusal, and buccal seam joints, which are essential when working to remove adhesively bonded restorations. A single separating slit is usually sufficient for crowns placed with conventional cementation.

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