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Komet USA News


Komet USA’s Shorter Opener Facilitates Endo Access in Hard-to-Reach Situations

March 15, 2017, Rock Hill, S.C.—Suitable for use in difficult-to-reach situations in the molar area, Komet USA’s OP10L15.RA.030 Opener is engineered with a shorter, 15-mm length to quickly enlarge canal entrances with a single file.

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Komet USA Enters Agreement with LVI Global

Expanding its support of and involvement in educational and training opportunities for U.S. dentists, Komet USA LLC is pleased to announce that the company has entered an agreement with LVI Global, an internationally renowned dental-education institute dedicated to the advanced training of dentists and their teams.

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Innovative Komet USA System Debuts to Help Dentists Perform Interproximal Enamel Reductions Better, Faster, Easier

DISCstance™ IPR System is designed for use on adults scheduled to receive braces but for whom orthodontia is not advised until certain tooth and jaw anomalies are corrected

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Komet USA Extends Deep Purple™ Product Line

Rock Hill, S.C., August 7, 2017: Komet USA, a leading provider of specialized dental
instruments and accessories, is extending its Deep Purple™ product line to include two
new diamond burs. The new instruments will be available August 7, 2017.

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New Crown Cutter Joins ZR™ Line

Rock Hill, S.C., April 21, 2017—Komet USA is proud to introduce the 4ZRS Jackie™ crown cutter, which addresses the challenge of removing adhesive-bonded, all-ceramic crowns. Optimized for use on zirconia and other high-strength ceramic materials, the Jackie crown remover (4ZRS.FG.016) is uniquely engineered to slit crowns and bridges to simplify final fracture and removal with a hand instrument. With a length of 4 mm and a tapered working end, the cutter is ideally suited for creating lingual, occlusal, and buccal seam joints, which are essential when working to remove adhesively bonded restorations. A single separating slit is usually sufficient for crowns placed with conventional cementation.

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Komet USA Launches Footsie™ Composite Polishers

April 18, 2017, Rock Hill, SC—Introduced globally last month during the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, Footsie™ composite polishers from Komet USA are specially configured in a spiral shape with a small foot at the end of each lamella (working part). This innovative design provides exceptional flexibility and durability because the enhanced polishing lamellas resist breakage during a two-step polishing sequence. The polishers adapt to all tooth surfaces and can be used from any angle to achieve a brilliant, finished surface quality on occlusal, buccal, lingual posterior, lingual anterior, facial, and interproximal composite restorations. Their thickened ends—or feet—quickly impart a shiny yet delicate finish to the final restoration

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