October 23, 2019

Meet Our New Glue Removers, Smoozies

Every patient looks forward to the moment when their brackets finally come off, letting their tongue wander across their teeth and at last, everything feels smooth again. Our new Smoozies kit specializes in debonding and glue removal, making sure this is the case for the patient.

Gentleness Times Two: The Smoozie Set

The new Smoozie set can be used for removing adhesives safely and quickly from start to finish, ensuring a professional treatment flow and perfect results every time. The set includes 4 carbide adhesives, H23VIP.RA.016, 2 rubber adhesive erasers in a flame shape, 9498.RA.050, and 2 in a cup shape, 9499.RA.060.

Ready, Steady, Smoozie

Our new Smoozies work in two steps. After the removal of braces, the Smoozie, made of tungsten carbide, is first in line. This glue remover rubs off most of the glue quickly and effectively. This is followed by the glue erasers. The erasers gently remove any last traces of glue from the tooth without damaging the enamel underneath, leaving the natural tooth structure intact.


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