October 03, 2017

Welcome to the New

Please read the interview between Komet USA Digital Marketing Specialist Brienna Schroeder and Komet USA CEO Todd Blanton as it relates to our new web site.


Brienna: Todd, Thank you so much for speaking with me today in regards to Komet USA’s new website.


Todd: I am glad to be with you here today Brienna, thanks for having me.


Brienna: To start things off, what was the mindset when making the decision to update the site?


Todd: As a world class quality manufacturer of dental rotary instruments, we knew it was important to be ahead both in products and with our online presence. I am proud of the work that has gone into our new site - with content areas such as this blog, our Komet Influencer profiles, and so much more.


On the shop side, we’ve introduced a number of key features. Our customers can register and begin shopping immediately. They can see their order history and easily reorder from the list. Our new layout makes finding the right solutions easier and works in a fluid way for an efficient and effective shopping experience.

We wanted a web site that was as efficient and intuitive for our customers as our products. What better way to showcase the brand then with a totally redesigned website. It’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s more intuitive than ever before.


Brienna: What are KometUSA’s goals with the new website?


Todd: The first thing that always goes into a goal with a new project is ‘what do our customers want?”


We wanted it to be more intuitive for our Doctors. We really believe in making it as easy as possible for them when preparing for their procedures.


In addition, it needs to be easy to use and it needs to operate quickly and efficiently. Doctors need to be able to save steps where they can in the shopping experience. Our goal was to therefore make the site responsive and easy to work through the checkout process.


Brienna: So what did you find out when talking to our customers, Todd?


Todd:  We asked our customers what they liked about our old website and what they would like to see different in our new one.

Customers want an easy shopping experience, first and foremost, they want to be able to quickly find what it is they need and spend no more than a few minutes going through that process.


Additionally, customers want to easily find information about our company, our products, and the people behind them.


I am confident that we have met these demands with our new website and webshop.


Brienna: What is your favorite part of the new website’s capability?


Todd: There is so much that I appreciate about the new website, it’s hard to pick just one thing.


I really love the sheer volume of accessible information we’ve got now. Our doctors can find out more about each individual product and it’s uses.


I think the purchase history will be very exciting too. Our webshop keeps track of several years of purchase history, so if our doctors really love something they buy, they can scroll through what they’ve searched so they can order it again.


Brienna: How will this change the way dental offices order product?


Todd: The goal is for doctors and decision makers to have the easiest possible way to quickly and efficiently fulfill their dental and rotary needs online. We’ve streamlined the process by making the site faster and by providing more information, such as order history, to make it easier than ever before to provide a first-class shopping experience.


The more the doctors order from our website, the more intuitive it gets.


We have heard some feedback that many dentists are too busy to stay up to date on some of the technical advances we’ve made. Our system makes intelligent recommendations based on order history and product searches.


Sometimes it is a matter of exposure, we have so many fantastic products that dentists may not know about because they don’t have the time to research something new when they’ve got a method that works for them already. Our new systems will make intelligent suggestions that will help keep the doctor informed of our newest innovations and breakthroughs. We also want them to be able to access information on new technology easily.


Brienna: What does the future hold for Komet USA?


Todd: I can confidently say ‘stay tuned’. There are many more innovative products on the horizon. Something that this company never fails to deliver, is that striving attitude to invent and improve. We are passionate about improving the dental practice and nothing pleases us more than to hear the input of those experienced dental veterans,

Brienna: Thank you so much for meeting with me Todd! It all sounds very exciting and I know our customers are going to love this new site launch.


Todd: Thank you. And one more thing. Our customers can reach out to us anytime on the web site to give their feedback, they just need to go to our Contact Page where they can fill out a quick form with their contact information. Thank you again!