September 26, 2017

2-Step Polishing with the Footsie™ Composite Polishers


Perfect your restoration with the Footsie™ 2-step polishing system. The teeth have been cut, the restoration has been finished, the final step is making that restoration shine. We’ve got the perfect polisher to add to your dental supplies: The Footsie™ Composite Polishers 94028M and 94028F. The Footsie™ Composite Polishers offer durability, flexibility, and versatility.


The secret to lasting durability with these new polishers is the small foot at the end of each lamella. When wear finally does start to set in, the feet are affected first, which results in longer lasting dental polishers.


When designing the Footsie™, we wanted a polisher that fell between ‘soft but flexible’ and ‘hard but rigid’. The spiral shape and flexible lamellas adapt to any dental surface and get into hard-to reach areas, especially in the cervical portion of the mouth.


Similar to our polishers in the The CompoBrite™ 2-step Composite Polisher Kit TD2948, the implements are color coded depending on the polishing stage. The Footsie™ specialized for pre-polishing is identified by a light pink head and the Footsie™ for high-shine polishing is identified by a light yellow head.


If you are in need of a Finisher that complements the strengths of the Footsie™, our Q-Finisher® pairs nicely with the Footsie™, and other CompoBrite™ polishers. A huge advantage to starting with the Q-Finisher® is that only the light yellow 94028F Footsie™ or one of the fine CompoBrite™ polishers need be used, meaning finishing and polishing in just two steps. This reduces inventory in the office, freeing up storage space, and ultimately saving time and money.


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