Eliminate Inadvertent Orthodontia Destruction during Acrylic Processing

Scrapping a meticulously crafted mouthpiece because the brackets, connectors or orthodontic wires have been damaged during acrylic trimming is a nightmare.

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Eliminating Endodontist Stress with the Endo Rescue Kit 4601

To prepare for one of the most common setbacks in dental endodontics procedures, we have developed the Endo Rescue Kit 4601 to assist with the nightmarish occurrence of files breaking in the root canal.

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Footsie Composite Polishers by Komet Recognized

Dr. Joshua Austin discusses his use of the Footsie composite polishers in the September "Pearls For Your Practice".

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Our Updated Catalog Is Here!

Our new Komet USA Catalog is fresh off the proverbial press and we couldn’t be happier. 

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Welcome to the New

Please read the interview between Komet USA Digital Marketing Specialist Brienna Schroeder and Komet USA CEO Todd Blanton as it relates to our new web site.

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Komet® Deep Purple™ Takes a Faster Coarse in Crown Preparation Procedures

The Komet® Deep Purple™ dental diamonds feature extra-coarse diamond particles that ensure crown preparation efficiency without sacrificing operator control. 

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