Earn 7 CE Credits at Best Practices Event

Dentistry is no longer only about clinical excellence – a thriving practice requires attention to the business side and the clinical side. Learn more about how to earn CE credits on April 13th in Dallas Texas.

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Why Buy Direct From Komet USA?

Komet USA has a reputation for developing high-quality dental burs, there is no doubt about that. What many may not realize, however, is that we attribute the consistency of our dental burs’ quality to the fact that we ship 100% of our items directly from our headquarters in Lemgo, Germany.

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An Intuitive Rotary Disc Kit for Interproximal Enamel Reduction Procedures

With the increasing demand for Interproximal Enamel Reduction (IPR) procedures for orthodontics
and dentistry, The Komet® DISCtance™ IPR System Kit 4671 is just what the doctor ordered.

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US to Komet Number Conversion Chart Available Now

In dental school you learn a thing or two about the industry. Throughout that process you are introduced to a series of burs and other rotary instruments that you use during training and labs. See our new chart to help you out.

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Performing Crown and Cavity Preparation with S-Diamonds®

Cavity and crown preparation in a dental office happens on a regular basis, and dentists know
the value of a minute.

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Please Welcome Our New Director of Strategic Markets: Collin Meerholz

We are ending the year with some exciting advancements in the Komet USA community.

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