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For useOral Surgery
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Product description:
Kit for interproximal enamel reduction (IPR) by Dr. Drechsler - The segmented discs are designed for use in the oscillating Komet contra-angle OS30
Application: Oral Surgery
IPR Kit | 4594

Developed in close collaboration with Dr. Thomas Drechsler, Germany, the Komet® IPR kit 4594 contains a collection of patented oscillating discs clearly arranged in a modular storage box featuring an innovative, practice-orientated design. The ergonomic box offers both efficiency and hygiene, and the kit facilitates the IPR technique by combining simplified handling with optimized clinical treatment.

Coated on one or both sides, the oscillating discs are suitable for removing 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm of interproximal substance as required. The discs are logically arranged within the storage box according to the amount of interproximal substance to be removed, thereby enhancing the accuracy of the procedure.

The easy, step-by-step technique produces reliable, reproducible results, and it enhances comfort for both the doctor and the patient during treatment.

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