March 26

Bioclear Live Virtual Hands on Course: Black Triangle Certification Course

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This three part virtual certification course will teach you how to treat and perform black triangle restorations, gingival recession, and root abrasions. Each part is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information and education. By the end of this three part course, you should be able to confidently and easily treat black triangles on patients, increase your overall skill and knowledge of Bioclear, market your new skills to patients and be a certified Bioclear Black Triangle doctor.

Part 1: Spend time reading and watching prerequisite study materials and obtain a satisfactory results on the pre-course quiz

Part 2: Participate in the virtual hands-on training closing blacktriangles and create a mirror like finish with invisible margins

Part 3: Submission required of clinical cases to obtain certification and complete with satisfactory results on post-course quiz

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