Dr. Timothy Hess, DDS, MAGD

General Dentistry


  • Dr. Hess earned his DDS from the University of Washington School of Dentistry


  • Runs a general dentistry private practice in Auburn, WA
  • Partner at reStōr Dental Implant Center and reStōr Dental Laboratory
  • Affiliate Instructor in Restorative Dentistry and Affiliate Faculty in Oral Medicine at the UW School of Dentistry

Favorite Komet USA Product

Dr. Hess relies on Komet USA’s expansive range of exceptional, high-quality instruments to deliver excellent results consistently and efficiently, and he gives high marks to that famous Komet customer service, noting the attention he receives from his company representative.

For their exceptional cutting efficiency, durability, and long service life, Deep Purple™ diamonds are Dr. Hess’ favorite Komet USA product. The crown-prep diamonds offer measurably greater substance removal in comparison to standard diamonds, and they work quickly and effectively.
The future of dentistry is likely to see increased penetration of dental-service organizations as the standard of care within dentistry continues to change. This will, however, create an opportunity for the general dentist to distinguish him- or herself from the large group practice down the road.

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