Dr. Jihyon Kim, DDS

General Dentistry


  • Dr. Kim earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Washington School of Dentistry 


  • Maintains patient practices in Bellevue, Seattle and Fife, Washington with an emphasis on esthetic smile rejuvenation via injection overmolded direct composite dentistry
  • Director of her newly launched Institute of Injection Overmolding in Seattle, Washington where Dr. Kim delivers an advanced, intuitive, and intimate hands-on learning experience to clinicians throughout the United States and Canada
  • Created the Smile Design Gauge, a multifunction clinical tool for predictable chairside smile design
  • Has published multiple articles on Injection Overmolding, Chairside Smile Design, Black Triangles, Posterior Quadrant Strategies for Direct Composites, and Restorative Orthodontics
  • Featured in the May 2019 issue of Dentistry Today for her groundbreaking cover article “The Dawn of Injection Molded Composite Dentistry”

Favorite Komet USA Product

Dr. Kim's favorite Komet products are the Q-Finishers and One Step Composite polishers. The combination of the two products are integral to the simplified polishing steps for creating the mirror finish on my injection overmolded composite restorations. This mirror finish is critical for biofilm, stain, and abrasion resistant restorations. The porcelain-like finish gives clinicians and patients confidence in choosing direct additive solutions as an alternative to subtractive indirect restorations.
The advances in our profession have enabled us to treat patients and challenging clinical conditions like never before. As a profession, we've been relying too heavily on tooth replacement. We have benefited, however, from continued improvements in dental materials and have gained historical perspective from outcomes of more aggressive treatment options. I believe the pendulum is swinging back to earlier diagnosis and intervention as well as more conservative treatment options with the patients' lifelong health and quality of life in mind. I enjoy pushing the limits with direct composite options and engaging colleagues in discussions to rethink our traditional treatment analogs.

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