Procodile Q™ Study Procodile Q™ Study

Ride a Better Wave

Dental Advisor finds Procodile Q™ is the stronger, faster and more durable file vs WaveOne Gold View Results
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Komet's Next-generation Diamond

Designed with pearls for precise cutting, excellent control, and long-lasting sharpness.

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Procodile Q™ Study
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CeraLine Innovative, high-performing white ceramic instruments Learn More
Procodile Q
Procodile Q Flexible and efficient heat treated endo file system Learn More
Bioclear Custom and efficient burs used in the Bioclear method Learn More

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World Leader in Dental Rotary Instruments

With over 98 years of unparalleled excellence in the dental industry, Komet is recognized as a worldwide leader in the production of highly specialized dental burs, discs, diamonds, endodontic instruments and accessories. With uniquely qualified team members and a commitment to our customers, we are dedicated to helping dentists find the perfect combination of instruments for their practice.
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