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Diamonds Disc Diamonds Disc
Precision AND Durability Shop our diamond discs with various grit options that mirror specifications in popular alignment systems. Shop Now

29% off Debonding Carbides

No promo code needed. Must buy 8 or more 5-packs online only. Shop Now
Star Of The South Star Of The South
Star Of The South Dental Meeting  Visit Komet in Booth 721 to find out how we can help you in delivering natural, healthy smiles. Read More
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Efficient Crown Prep Solutions in Every Grit See our Komet Konnect for more details View Newsletter
Diamonds Disc
Star Of The South
Konnect Newsletter

Root Canal Shaping Files

File systems that make RCT more efficient, reliable and


Everything you need to make IPR a breeze

Crown Preparation

Perfect your preps with 27% sharper diamonds

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Helping You Deliver Natural, Healthy Teeth for Over 100 Years

For over 100 years, Komet is committed to supporting dentists and lab technicians in the preservation and replacement of their patients’ natural dentition through a world-class portfolio of rotary instruments, equipment and materials.
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